Warranty Services

The service of the device battery depends on the pacemaker or ICD type, the disease manifestation, and the frequency of pacing or/and shock. Today's Pacemakers or ICD are equipped with a high-quality, long-lasting battery and have a service time between five to ten years. The more often the pacemaker or ICD is required to give pacing impulse or apply high-energy shocks, the faster the battery runs out. The physician will provide you with details as he or she checks the condition of the battery every time during the regular follow-ups. For this reason, keeping your follow-up appointments is a decisive contribution to the reliability of the device and hence, in effect, can save your life.

You will receive a brand-new pacemaker or ICD before the battery of your device is depleted within its standard specific device-based warranty period. The physician will make an incision above the site of the original implantation, remove the old device, and replace it with a new one. The leads are usually be kept in place.

For BIOTRONIK Brady pacemakers both Single Chamber and Dual Chamber, an extended warranty package is available so that you can get a free pacemaker after its battery gets depleted for an extended period of time. Please consult with your physicians and choose the right extended warranty package for your Pacemaker.