Implant Registration

Implant registration can be done on the E-Spandan portal only. The implantation may have taken place already on the recommendation of your physician. You need to register the implantation to receive warranty documents and generate the identification (ID) card.

After filling up the patient form in the patient login you will be provided a patient ID card and standard warranty document. This identification card contains important information for your implantation & follow up physician. It is recommended/ desirable to carry this ID card & show the ID card when you go for any type of medical treatment, even to the dentist.

This device aims at giving your life a boost. Please read the patient's booklet carefully which you must have received along with a patient's ID card which explains how your Pacemaker or ICD works and the few necessary precautions which will ensure that your new lease of life is a long and healthy one. Ensure sharing the information of the booklet with your relatives and friends so that they get the chance to understand your new situation and assist you in adjusting to life with a pacemaker or an ICD.