Follow up Services

Regular follow-up of your device is an important part of the therapy. The first, follow-up examination will usually take place one month after the implantation. The settings of the Pacemaker or Implantable Cardioverter-Defibrillator (ICD) are adjusted to the individual needs if and as necessary. This does not require any surgical intervention because the physician uses an external device for wireless programming. In most cases, you will not notice that reprogramming has been performed.

On the display of the programmer, the physician can see all settings of your device, for example, the remaining service life of the battery. Because the device stores every therapeutic measure delivered, the physician will know exactly how the heart is doing at the moment. The physician will be able to compare the data stored by the device for optimal assessment.

Henceforth, the physician will schedule the follow-ups in regular intervals - usually every three to six months. During these examinations, the physician checks the functioning of the pacemaker, the condition of the battery, and the excitation threshold of the heart. Please select your periodic follow-up service package after consultation with your follow-up or implanting physician.