Home Monitoring services

Remote patient management with BIOTRONIK Home Monitoring® offers you the opportunity to benefit from smart, event-driven care that improves clinical outcomes without the inconvenience of calendar-based in-clinic follow-up. BIOTRONIK Home Monitoring® can be used to decrease the frequency of in-clinic follow-ups, which saves traveling time and expenses. Moreover, changes in heart status may occur between these routine follow-up in-clinic appointments. Home Monitoring provides valuable clinical data which help guide care and possibly prevent hospitalization or even death. The IN-TIME study, one of the largest and most recent studies demonstrated a 50% decrease in mortality for patients using BIOTRONIK Home Monitoring®.

Home Monitoring also has been shown to reduce -

  • Hospitalization caused by atrial arrhythmias or strokes by 66% ( COMPAS )
  • In-clinic visits by 45% ( TRUST)
  • Inappropriate shock delivery for ICD/CRT patients by 52% (ECOST)

BIOTRONIK Home Monitoring® provides early detection of arrhythmias, including silent asymptomatic arrhythmia, allowing earlier intervention by physicians. Being monitored daily also allows earlier detection for changes in your heart status which you may not notice yourself, early signs of worsening heart status which could escalate without treatment.

BIOTRONIK Home Monitoring® is available for heart patients who are implanted with all BIOTRONIK "T-enabled" pacemaker, ICD or Heart Failure devices.